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Scapegoating 101

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By all means, hold the big pharma company liable. But don’t forget to go after those who purchased the anti-dengue vaccine and propagated its use, as well.

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Revising history

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If you don’t think history should ever be revised, perhaps you should become reacquainted with the leader of Myanmar, a certain Nobel Peace Prize winner by the name of Aung San Suu Kyi. Aung has long been venerated in the Western world as the very personification of freedom, democracy and human rights - sort of like a Buddhist, Indochinese Cory Aquino. 

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Two actors, two roles

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There are two main actors in the raging Dengvaxia scandal: One is the French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Pasteur, maker of the controversial vaccine, while the other is the previous Philippine government of Noynoy Aquino that implemented the massive vaccination program using the drug.

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North Korea in the Senate

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President Rodrigo Duterte recently described Senator Antonio Trillanes as a one-man “political ISIS.” I think Senator Richard Gordon would agree with me instead of with Duterte when I say that Trillanes is really like the North Korea of the Senate, because he never follows the rules but never gets punished, either, for some still unknown reason.

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Celebrating life

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Begging the pardon of one Catholic priest widely quoted in the press, the rejoicing is not really over the death of terrorists. It’s over what they represent, which is terrorism - and every victory over terrorism should be celebrated.

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Of course, no one should be killed by the police on the mere suspicion of being a drug pusher. That would still be all kinds of wrong, even if the government is waging a war on illegal drugs.

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Leila’s comeuppance

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It was Sun Tzu, the great Chinese war strategist, who said that if you wait long enough, you will see the bodies of all your enemies float down the river. This seems so apt in the case of jailed Senator Leila de Lima, who is now about to suffer the same fate of the people who crossed her when she was the all-powerful secretary of justice.

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The real ‘palit-ulo’

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Right under everyone’s noses, Digong is pulling off his biggest, most outrageous “palit-ulo” scheme. But it doesn’t involve killing anyone - the exchange is all about shifting emphasis from traditional diplomatic partners and cultivating new ones regularly eyed with suspicion by the old.

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The search continues

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This time, it’s September 21. This is the latest date chosen in the never-ending search by the anti-Duterte crowd for a significant day that will, they hope, lead to the downfall of the president.

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A tale of two Ombudsmen

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I remember former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, who resigned shortly after being impeached by the House of Representatives rather than face trial in the Senate. Gutierrez had been told in no uncertain terms that she would be convicted and removed after a Senate trial because that was the instruction to the senators of then President Noynoy Aquino.

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